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Send proposal to leads or customers and wait for their feedback. Proposal can be accepted directly from any device

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Leads Management

keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress. Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop. Ability to auto import leads from email, add notes, attach files, create proposals and more..

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Increase In Sales

Customer Relationship Management software

Main features of CRM

Customer Management

Easily manage your customers and their contacts, create multiple contacts for your customers and set proper permissions.

Leads Management

Leads or potential clients are really important part to any company. Every company trying everyday to get new leads.

Support Ticket

Great support system that helps you track and resolve issues quickly with ability to auto open ticket from email, insert knowledge base link, add predefined replies.

Quote Managements

Create estimate within a minute, sent to your customers and wait to accept, add notes for better organization for your next actions, create reminders.


Setup predefined email templates from text editor. Merge fields available and multi language options available.

Project Management

Manage projects and track time spent on project for each staff member. Record project expenses and invoices and bill your clients faster.

Contracts Managements

Adding contracts is very simple, you can set start date and end date and have clear view of all your company contracts in one place.

Documents & File

Separated media folder for non-admin staff members to work inside the CRM and organize their uploads and files.

Customer Portal

Clients have their own client portal with all financial data from your company presented in clear view.

Sales Analytics

Generate reports and have clear view of everything. Keep track of income vs, expenses and leads conversions. Knowledge base report included.

Inventory & Purchasing

Manage Inventory & Prices, Build Quotes, Send Invoices & Track Payments

Calendar & Tasks

Assign task to multiple employees, add task followers, task comments allowed, task attachments.

Knowledge Base

Add knowledge base articles from text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” vote included in clients area.

Payment Processing

We have implemented payment gateways that are available in most of the countries.


Invoice with different tax based on item.


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Automate repetitive tasks.


Build reports from CRM data.

Goals Tracking

Setup goals and tracking achievements. Use the Goals Tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.


E-Signature option available for contracts, proposals and estimates. Let your customers easily sign those documents and make your life easier.

Note: Some features above require our Platinum plan available.

Commonly Asked Questions


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing how a company manages all its interactions (calls, meetings, emails, sales) with each customer. The objective is to have a customer, all information about the customer in one place.

CRM can benefit a small business by consolidating customer data into a single system. As a business grows, keeping a record of all transactions can become overwhelming. CRM tools allow you to manage your customer interactions more efficiently, so you have more time to focus on your service or product.

Really Simple Systems guards data for thousands of customers, making sure that their data is secure, backed up and confidential. We understand that we have a high duty of care to protect customer data, and our internal policies and procedure reflect this.

Ensure that the CRM programs used by everyone are intuitive and the repetitive processes for entering and accessing information can be completed quickly. CRM must continually demonstrate the importance of using the system.

Traditional CRM systems will cost more than Hosted CRM solutions, especially given the IT overhead of traditional systems. Traditional CRM systems require dedicated computing hardware, software installation, maintenance, and the staff to manage the process. Since Hosted CRM solutions are already maintained, upgraded, and backed up by the CRM provider, the subscription costs is the only costs incurred by the business user.

Grow Your Business

CRM enables business owners and salespeople by helping them streamline the sales process, improve interdepartmental collaboration, and maintain business relationships.

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*Your information is protected by office vcan’s Privacy Policy.